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Upriver Tours offer a wide variety of  guided tours throughout Whatcom County, Washington, specializing in outdoor recreation and active tourism yet flexible and knowledgeable enough to accommodate alternate areas of interest as well as expanded locations. These are personalized tours with a lifelong Northwest Local with intimate knowledge of the land, the people and the intricacies of the area, not a hired hand doing a days work.  


Our Services

We offer fully customized tours and adventure to highlight your areas of interest. We have a handful of options to use as starting points in building the adventure tour you may have always dreamed of or maybe you did not even realize you had.  We encourage you to let us know what you have in mind! 

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What Kind of Adventure?

Well, that really depends on you! How do you define adventure? We feel that this means different things to everyone. For some this may mean walking a steep mountain path to spend a day or maybe two in the high alpine country.  Someone else may consider the road to the top of Artist Point enough of and alpine adventure in its own right. We have you covered regardless of your definition, so check us out!


Weekly Dispatches - Coming Soon!

A place to get information on gear we like, things we are into, art that grabs us, links to inspiring places or images and all that kind of jazz. 

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Our Headquarters

Being located in the beautiful convergence of the valleys joining the North and Middle Forks of the Nooksack River affords us endless inspiration and venues for adventurous exploring right out our back door.


We take the stress out of finding that unique and special adventure and allow you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the special places all around us.


A Top 10 Service

We have the knowledge and ability to take you on some great adventures while showing you unique perspectives on some amazing locations.